Full & Partial Dentures in Chesapeake, VA

When you think about dentures, do you see them as only a solution for elderly folks? The truth is that the need for dentures has little to do with your age and everything to do with the condition of your teeth.

At Bennett A. Thomas, DDS and Associates, we offer several options to replace missing teeth in Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VA. Our dentists design natural-looking tooth replacements including dental implants, bridges, removable full and partial dentures, and dentures held in place with dental implants. 

Our team knows that facing tooth loss for any reason can seem like an overwhelming challenge. But in the 30 years we’ve been practicing dentistry, we have helped numerous patients enjoy the benefits of replacement teeth that look natural, function well, and restore confidence.

A Lot Has Changed about Dentures!

Until recently, there was a good reason to resist getting dentures. Dentists were limited to the materials available, and the results often left a lot to be desired.

But today, using advanced dental technology and updated materials, we can customize dentures that are more comfortable and look more natural than ever before. Drs. Thomas, Thomas, and Holwick will work with you to customize the shape, size, color, and positioning of individual teeth in the denture, so they complement and enhance your unique appearance.

Types of Dentures We Offer

If you are considering tooth replacement in Chesapeake, VA, we want you to know you have options.

  • Removable full dentures – Used when all teeth in an upper or lower or missing
  • Partial dentures – May be removable or stationary and are used when you have just a few teeth missing.
  • Implant supported dentures – Dental implants attach to full or partial dentures to hold them securely in place.

State-of-the-Art Implant Dentures

How much would your attitude change about dentures if you knew they could be designed to look natural and not move and shift in your mouth? Today, we place dental implants at specific points along your jaw to support your dentures and hold them securely in place. Eat all the foods you love and speak and laugh with confidence because your dentures are going to stay put.

At Bennett A. Thomas, DDS and Associates, we use state-of-the-art Conus dental implants with abutments that work like stacking cups and create a friction fit. Unlike All-on-4 dentures that are attached to implants with snaps, Conus implants create a friction-locked connection that provides a secure fit and are also removable for easy oral hygiene.

Please Call to Arrange an Appointment

If living with missing teeth is not an option for you, please call Bennett A. Thomas, DDS and Associates at (757) 548-3238 to learn more about our state-of-the-art tooth replacement solutions. We will evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and explain all your options including dentures and dental implants at our Great Bridge, Chesapeake dental office.

Please call us today to arrange a commitment-free consultation with one of our experienced dentists.